Aida 32″ LED HD TV – Haier – 3 Year Warranty Black

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Experience a whole new level of entertainment with theĀ Aida 32 Inch HD TV. Watch your films and music come to life with our new, exquisite design. The cutting edge 32-inch display enables you to watch content in full high definition and the integrated speakers allow you to hear every little detail in whatever you choose to watch or listen to. Enjoy simple and intuitive TV the way it was intended
Haier ManufacturerAida 32 ANALOG LED TV
Three-year Warranty:

  • Excellent quality, 3 years post-sales caring support

HD – More Vivid Images:

  • 1366*768 shows more bright colors, HD images vividly enrich the details


  • 95% no light dot, restores natural colors, 360 degree reproduction of the scene

Cabinet Audio System:

  • Bright treble, full midrange, deep bass, brings you and your family a thrilling listening experience

Energy Saving:

  • Saves energy, Saves your money

Multiple Interfaces:

  • Multi-interface, multi-play, enjoy streaming experience

DNR- Noise Reduction Technology:

  • Built-in 3D noise reduction make the signal stable and the picture realistic