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Generator Repairs maintenance and Services

Our Generator Repairs maintenance and Services gives you the ability to generate the power you need when you need it. Our services include:
  • Generator sales.
  • Generator service.
  • Generator repairs.
  • Generator maintenance.
We supply out of the box solutions for any of your power needs or concerns delivered with our top notch customer service.

Let's Fix IT

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For your home and business, constant and reliable power is very important, especially when the power goes out. If you’ve already invested in a generator, you definitely would want the best service ever in the event of an emergency cases. We’re specialize in fast and cost effective generator service. Our expert technicians at fixit lol wow can come to your location to work on your generator and it will be back up and running quickly. We service all makes and models of generator set, such as: Diesel Generators, Petrol generators and Gas generators.


A small investment in preventative maintenance would definitely help in keeping your power generator system running for a year and even more. Preventative maintenance will help keep an eyes on your generator because it will detect problems before they cause critical issues, allowing you to schedule repairs accordingly to minimize downtime.

Its not all generator set that actually has the same preventative maintenance needs. Some do need more than an annual checkup, while others may need to receive regular fluid and coolant testing. No matter what type of generator you have, we can design a maintenance plan around your generator requirements.

  • Complete Maintenance and Repair.
  • Fluids Analysis Laboratory.
  • Diesel fuel sampling.
  • Coolant analysis.
  • All makes and models.
  • Automatic transfer switch inspection and cleaning.
  • Complete Generator Load bank testing.

Today, the generator is just one part of a total power solution. For emergency generator service in Lagos, trust us at fixit lol wow company because we have the team that knows all aspects of power generator, from system design and installation to complete generator rebuild. Fixit lol wow company has the expertise to deliver comprehensive support and solutions to all our clients

An unmaintained Diesel Fuel generator that fuel sits for a period of time can accumulate water and sludge and would cause it to start generating microbiological growth; and may end up experiencing microbial influenced tank corrosion and fuel filter plugging: Plugging that can lead to engine fuel starvation, injector damage, poor engine performance and ultimately engine shutdown.
Fixit lol wow provides a full range of fuel generator Maintenance Solutions, from diesel to fuel sampling, through treatment Shock & Bulk, to fuel polishing and all that. We can also help you to design generator Fuel System Planned, and Maintenance programs which will keep your fuel and also maintain your engine.
Contact fixit lol wow for your generator repairs services and for our maintenance package plans.