When is fixit lol wow open hours?

We’re 24/7 Online and our office hour are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm Saturday 9am-3pm

Do you have a close by office i can take my Appliances to for a repair?

You don’t have to take your Appliances to any of our office for a repair, we’ll come to your location to fix your appliances for you there.All you need do is, reach out to Fixit Lol Wow and schedule a time for a repair service and we’ll be there at your location at the exact scheduled time.

How do you charge?

We give an accurate price quote on the spot,You PAY for the job—No extra charges surprises

How will you know the problem with my appliance if i do not know how to explain it myself?

All we need from you is for you to tell us that you are ready to fix your default phone, laptop, tv, refrigerator etc financially and that you want us to repair it,then we’ll be at your location at the exact scheduled time to figure out the problem and fixit it for you.

How do you receive payment?

We receive POS,Bank deposit,mobile phone transfer,ATM money transfer to fixit-lol wow Account number that will be given to you by us.

Can your technicians be trusted while in my home or office for a job?

YES our technicians can be trusted at your location for a job,we’re very sure about the behavioral aspect of our expert technicians as they’re all trained by fixit lol wow company to be trusted.Our expert technicians are all taught on how to do what they’re instructed to do by the company which is for them to:

(i) Respect the client (ii)Answer questions only related to the job they are being deployed to do (iii) To face the job, get it done clean up the dirties dropped while working and leave.

We didn’t train them to do anything aside what is being mentioned. However’ if there be any character misbehavior by our Technician please call us and give us the Badge number on the technician work uniform and we promise to see to the end of it.

Can i contact your company if there's a complain?

Yes you can always reach at us by lodging your complain to us via our email address which can be found on contact us page Or you can call our office numbers and we’ll listen to you.

When i need your company for a job how long will it take your technicians to get to my location ?

Our technicians are always ready and waiting to be deployed to work for you and they’re very close to you as we are all over Lagos. We’re time conscious so we make sure to send the next available technician if the first is already on the field working.

What are we to expect ones job is being done by fixit lol wow company ?

You are to expect a solid quote from us,you are to expect satisfactory job well-done, our technicians are to leave your location as clean as when they arrived. You are also to expect a text message or an email from the company later or almost immediately after the execution of your job

Why should i call on fixit lol wow company to fix my Appliances when is BAD ?

You should call on us because you will be assured of a satisfactory job done, however, if there be any issue with your appliances before due date on the same fault we carried out work on, it is our responsibility as a company to come back to fix the issue again for you" free of charge without any cost on your part. Except of course,it is due for you to service or repair your Electrical and Electronics Appliances again

Why is fixit lol wow best choice for my Appliances Repair, Service, Maintenance and Installation etc?

Unlike the roadside technicians that agrees to work on your default appliances (Gadgets), then charge you extravagantly and accept your default Appliances in their workshops for a repair but then, your appliances ends up taking weeks even up to months with them struggling to fix it because they are not experts. While in most cases abandoned your cherished and loved appliances.You may even loose your appliances to them completely because you got tired of calling and going to them at their repair shops. But with fixit lol wow company, you won’t have to go through all that. We’ll come to your LOCATION to fix your cherished and loved Appliances (Gadget) for you immediately and start using them back. The motive behind this is that we understand how deteriorating it can be to see your cherished loved Gadget, get bad and even how bad it feels to have your Appliance go through the hands of most storyteller roadside repairers. But with fixit lol wow company, you won’t have to go through all that and you are assured of the best service you can ever get. Fixit lol wow your satisfaction;our priority!!