Decks Repair

Do you have an outdoor space and you wish you had a new deck? Fixit lol wow will give your deck a good classic repair that can make your existing deck look as good as new for much lesser than the cost of starting from beginning. We’ll give you an exceptional service that will make you not to think about buying a new deck.Call us and see for yourselves what Fixit lol wow can do for you!

Let's Fix IT

Let's maintain, repair and service your Deck. Call us on Phone: +2349060006261
Deck Restoration
The funny trust is that a lot of homeowners call us to repair their decks;but they always have it in their mind,that there's noway do be able to fix it because of the amount of damage that it has encountered.But they're honestly always wrong.! Because anything that has got to do with Deep cracks, Broken boards and structural issues is a no problem for us to fix!! But please give thanks to our multi step deck restoration process. We will:
  • Replace rotted wood with our durable composite decking.
  • Tighten or reinforce loose connections.
  • Sand all horizontal surfaces.
  • Remove nails and replace with 3-inch screws.
  • Fill large cracks with exothermic polymer filler.
  • Sand again to create a smooth surface.
  • Apply three layers of our patented coating.
Professional Deck Repairs
Even if your deck is falling apart, our deck repair company is up for the challenge. Whether you just have a few loose boards or your deck is on its last legs, we can repair your deck and make it beautiful again! If possible, we will make repairs to your existing deck boards. If the boards are rotted or otherwise beyond repair, we will replace them with specially-treated lumber that won’t warp or buckle.
Contact Us for More Information about Our Deck Restoration and Repair. Enjoy your outdoor space more than ever with a like-new deck courtesy of our deck restoration professionals. Don’t wait one more day to learn how easy and affordable it is to repair your deck. Call the pros at Fixit lol wow today.