Air Conditioner (HVAC) Repair


When your air conditioner breaks down and stop working the high temperatures will have you feeling the hot almost immediately. Fixit lolwow is available to fix your air conditioner so you can keep cool. Our expert technicians at fixit lol wow has a lot of experience and have worked on long list of air conditioning brands, we at fixit lol wow can get yours back up and running so you can return to comfortable indoor conditions.

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If your air conditioner is in need of repair, it may be or may never be obvious to you.
and the symptoms to look out for are listed below, because they can be a signal that your Air conditioner is in need of a repair service:

  • You are going to see that your air conditioner is running but it’s not cooling the high temperature.
  • The air conditioner goes on and off always.
  • It consumes more power than usual and your bill has increased.
  • Dust and some other dirties you do not know about gets into it.
  • Some part of your home or office are cooling very well, while some part are noticeably hot.
  • Water leakage from the Unit into your home space.
  • And many other issues.
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Faulty wiring in your air conditioner unit can lead to fuses being blown,circuit breaker tripping or make the air
conditioner to shut down.  you are to  check for frayed and damaged wires yourself.  If you find anything strange, call fixit lol wow for Air conditioner repair immediately because any damage of such kind can lead to a fire outbreak and that’s is certainly a no no experience for anyone. However, you may not see any visible faulty wire.  If your air conditioner is working abnormally or your thermostat is ineffective, calling fixit lol wow to look into it would be the best and prudent decision to make.

If your thermostat is old, you should have it replaced if you can , that may just be the issue.  and if the thermostat is not the problem, reach out to Fixit lol wow because we are very experienced in handling unpredictable cases of HVAC, we will diagnose
the problem and provide air conditioner repair as soon as you reach outto us.  Our professionals always arrive fully equipped and ready totackle problem without any form of delay once agreement is met. It’s a very dangerous issue to have Faulty wiring,this things can course an instant fire outbreak and such experiences is a no no for all home, our experienced professionals makes it a duty to always perform quality job that will ensure your business and family’s safety as it is a most on
our priority list.


Cold coils should be kept away from freezing and it will need the help of warm air that travels from your home down to the coils.If the air is cooled the coils is going to withhold the warmth and it will condense any moisture in the air.

The condensed moisture receiver in the pan can drain out If the warm air is not coming into it, the coils will freeze before any condensed water can take air into the pan and drain.Dirty filters or a closed air register may carry warm air flow, and it will make the coils to get frozen.  Frozen coils  can be as a result of low refrigerant and a malfunctioning fan. and if there is a thermostats that has Fault in it can as well course a problem, because there’s something stopping the drain. If you are allowing an air conditioner to work with frozen coils it definitely going to lead to some serious issue to the compressor.

If the air coming out of your air conditioner is warm, your coils is likely to get frozen. You are allowed to check and find out if that is the problem. Always make sure your air filter is not left dirty because it will make the air conditioner to not work the way it ought to work so endeavor to change your air filter at least one or twice in three month. However, if your coils are frozen and your air filter is not having any issue, call on  Fixit lol wow  technicians tofix the problem with just a minimal disturbance to your routine we are highly-trained well experienced, our professional air conditioner repair fidelity will always make sure that the root of the problem is solved and your air conditioner is working at top operating condition.


Condenser fan is stationed outside the portion of your air conditioner visible enough to see it spinning while its working. If your
air conditioner is working properly, the condenser fan should also work fine and the fan lines is expected to be cold and the
air that is blowing into your space should be cool.  If the fan isn’t working or warm air is blowing into your space, Then there is a
problem.  If the fan is not moving at all, and the thermostat is working fine, then the air conditioner unit may have been over heated or fan motor may be bad .In a case where the fan turns while its off, or its not rotating at all, and the air conditioner is powered on, then the air conditioner may have faulty motor bearing, and that will make the fan not to have a proper rotation and if it can’t manage a rotate, its going to be an an issue because the fan is expected to spine at a decent speed. If you see the fan spinning slower than normal,it means that the control board or circuits is causing the problem and its the one causing
low voltage to the air conditioner unit .  Fan blade also may be loosed from the motor shaft you never can tell because the capacitor may even be the one  causing the slow fan rotation that is why we have all eyes on T and on the dot.  Wire issues and circuit board problems, or components that is loose can cause the fan to malfunction in the middle of cycles or cause the fan to keep working even when the air conditioner unit is being put off.

If any of these issues is happening to you, call on fixit lol wow to address the issue before the damage spreads more. The fan’s purpose is to transfer heat out of the compressor, and if it malfunctions, the compressor could overheat and gets internally
damaged. Noises such as rattling buzzing, ticking, or buzzing in the fan should be looked into and not ignored  because anything at all that is obstructing will hit the blade and it will cause blade bearings or motor to be irregular almost all of this problems mentioned by fixit lol wow can be seen by you but in other to solve the problem in most cases,you will need fixit lol wow technician to fix them for you. so why the wait to call fixit lol wow for a fix?at Fixit lol wow we’re more than qualified to diagnose and figure out problem your air conditioner has. Any repair conducted by fixit lol wow certified technicians is always
done with quality and precision in a timely efficient manner.

Call today and let our expert technicians work on your air conditioner unit and bring it back to optimal working state so you can have your peace of mind restored back.


Air conditioner uses many components in other to work effectively well. The good news is that Our skilled technicians have the knowledge required to repair your Air conditioner, no matter what the case may be, major or minor. however if you notice that your air conditioner needs attention, below are the problems you are likely to run into and will require you to be in need of an expert to check
them out for you:
  • Compressors
  • Motors
  • Capacitors
  • Air duct, including leaking or broken duct work
  • Refrigerant lines and freon,including recharge
  • Thermostats