Air Conditioner (HVAC) Maintenance

In other to keep your air conditioner working smoothly, an air conditioner maintenance should be a most and it shouldn’t be overlooked. Regular maintenance is a good way of preventative step you should be taking to increase your Air conditioner efficiency, doing such will help keep the HVAC in top shape, and it will help the air conditioner to last longer than unmaintained HVAC ever would. contact Fixit lol wow for your air conditioner maintenance because is a step towards ensuring consistent comfort.

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Your air conditioner is designed to cool your business, family and any other environment you have it installed comfortably when outdoor temperatures is high and hot. So to ensure this happens, routine air conditioner maintenance is required. With an expert technician from fixit lol wow they’re going to perform air conditioner maintenance,they will always have their eyes on the Ts looking out for any issues that may occur with your air conditioner. You may not know if there is trouble hiding inside your air conditioner but because our expert has their eyes always on your HVAC the problem that is likely to affect your air conditioner will be tackled by them at that spot, some issues dont become apparent until major damage has happened to the air conditioner. Some issues may allow your air conditioner to keep providing cool air, while its dying inside without your notice.


When a FIXIT LOL WOW technician arrives to carry out your air conditioner maintenance;

  1. They’ll be looking inside the air conditioner system to know the present state of it.
  2. They will also check external components to know present state of it.
Our Air Conditioner Maintenance Includes Cleaning and A Thorough Tune Up As Listed Below:
  • Check refrigerant ac unit for proper charge.
  • Place algaecide tablets to prevent pan from dripping build up.
  • Lubricate moving parts are well examined.
  • Go round the nuts and tighten electrical connections and check breakers.
  • Check to reconfirm the amperage of the blower motor, compressor and condenser fan motor.
  • Check heat strips to see if its ok.
  • Carry out duct work and safety equipment needs.
  • Clean the condenser coils and understand the state.
  • Record temperature outputs from the time of registers.
  • And also Check attic insulation for proper levels.